Beloved quietness

My nighest friend

Peaceful tranquility

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Delightful serenity

No need for noise

To change me

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Infuriate and frustrate

Pressure and penetrate

Give me the fortress

Of questioning quietness

Captivating thoughtfulness

Apart from general public clamorous

Troubling nothingness

Quietness is my bliss

Full of inmost tenderness

By which myself I kiss

Nurture and nourish

Awaken interior brilliance

Resurrect beside resilience

Overcome torturous defiance

Pushy ethnic group who torment

Waste my precious life

To recklessly be spent

Upon their own aims

Frivolous pursuits

With quietness I refute

Am most resolute

Ready to engage all

Wise satisfactory to shut out

All outward distractions

Pathetic seductions

Evil wicked attractions

Fight for my grand focus

Every minuscule and fraction

In quiet is satisfaction

Creativity to awaken

Potential in an instant

Transcend of necessity to wants

In quietness beside thyself

You may be most blunt

Bold and forthright

Putting petite talk

Far out of sight

In soundlessness all wrongs

Are relieved and ready-made right

As your private self talk

Gets you through with the night

Overcomes every plight

Causes being to be bright

Quieting both fight

Lovingly hold thyself tight

Ah yes, quietness my friend

With me until the end

Whatever end my come

How it shall be I cognise not

But for sure quiet I've got

This rattling and majestic

Inner place of the soul

Wherein I when fatigued rest

Am miraculously made whole

As I share of the fruit bowl

Of my idea and meditate

Countless emotions superbly arise

To food me and my appetency satiate

Time is inconsequential. I'm never unpaid.

Whenever I privation it, I go open within

Far recovered it is than a bottle of gin

When highly strung or idea fragile

I never obligation to inhibit or wait

Spending faint clip is a tremendous date

Feasting near soundlessness is maximum bad.

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