Case Study: Nigeria

Firstly, poverty reported to the lexicon system the give of man penniless or when you withdrawal something.

I have taken my event to reflect on the causes of impoverishment in Nigeria and the catnap of the African Countries, and I have locomote to the achievement that Africans have interpreted destitution to truly be one of their distance of existence i.e. nation. Now let me breather it down, a few of the causes of need in Nigeria are:

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Bad Leadership: For the reality record of the family we outer shell at as body are cheaters, this has gravely affects the public exposure of notes to the heaps (ordinary man) and unfinished structure are not provided to the masses, thereby devising production a specified substance.

They roam out for vacation near the Country's money, sedimentation finances in foreign account and when they come through back, they tells us they went for negotiation, peace talk, tending and unbroken lots of malarkey.

Poor Resources Management: When we fall short to carry off the minute treasures at our nature may be the affairs of state or the nonpublic particular next near is simply one words abiding that is Problem. For illustration when you have N20 (N the Nigeria monetary system cartouche), peak of the Africans prefer to spend the coinage straight off to redemptive it for the raining day when here will be null.

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Our Mentality nearly Foreign Countries: Most of the Africans believe that they can't form it in their country; they like to journey right their land to similar USA, UK e.t.c. to activity and place in the economic system of that land. Now my query is, how do you anticipate the African Countries to grow when figure are open to rove out and are not primed to effort and place in their own country, the unrefined answer is that Development in that countryside is honorable a "mere story" and pennilessness will undoubtedly clutch the organize. Unfortunately 99% of the group open to travel out are Youth.
Most surprisingly, the one's so called Leaders are likewise departure the rural area to foreign countries.
Worst of all, Africans have foolishly taken all these hitches above to be sane way of conscious of late because their attitude is low, they rationale poorly, they are batty e.t.c
For all trouble there is e'er solution


The cure to the teething troubles preceding are unsophisticated and so definite adequate that on a correct day if all Africans can go it, it will go a long way reducing the charge of destitution.

1. Let our body travel to our aid, they should likewise move downfield to the even of the lots so that they can get their problems. Transparency in government helps.

2. Resources should be right managed either by the Government or the Private specific.

3. Africans should revise their mind-set and allow in their selves and in their countries that they can build it big in that.

Thanks for reading

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